I seem to keep saying “WOW” because of the excellent variety of free online training topics you can find. Just been looking at what I can utilise for the version of Word that I have –  Word 2010.

Everything I want and more including ‘Getting Started with Word’, ‘Text Basics’, ‘Formatting Text’, ‘Saving’, etc etc. There’s a great section on “Common Tasks in Word”, as well as a very handy one titled “Doing More With Word”. There’s always something more we can always learn about a particular system, even if we have used it before – we never know everything.

Get onto GCF – the material you can pick up from them (and I’m sure there is others equally as good) really do create opportunities for a better life. They are amazing and I have no trouble recommending the courses. Take your time, don’t take on too much and you’ll learn a lot more than you ever thought possible.

Don’t mean to rattle on but I really do find it amazing that there is so much online to help us. I never dreamt that the net was so helpful (as well as sometimes being difficult).  Am becoming quite a fan which, if you knew me, isn’t easy to believe as I used to go on quite negatively at times about most things online – ignorance really is dangerous.

Sounding like a real convert aren’t I? The more I learn as the months and years go by the more I will be able to assist and advise Alphie in the future I have come to realise. Never too late to learn.