Websites that offer support single mums

Just in case you are wondering – I am not, definitely not – talking about Dating websites – no siree! I am talking about sites, that are run by single mums/parents, for single mums/parents and offering support of many different kinds.

For instance, there’s a group I’ve come across called ‘Gingerbread’ (you can find them at They offer advice and information, community info, training and support as well as other bits and pieces.

Simply put the group gives you a chance to meet others in your local areas. Why bother being part of one of their groups – well all I can say is that its given me access to a local network who understand what your life (as a single mum) is all about – its as I mentioned in an earlier post, a change to make new friends and get support.

And one of the big pluses you can get via support is you could be linked to a number of avenues that lead to some more “ME” time.

Every one of their groups is different – its designed about what that particular group of members wants from it. Like me you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose (apart from a few minutes of computer time) Do it today – better still DO IT NOW! Find out what there could be to help you.

Netmums is yet another great online tool for single parents including some good advice on protecting yourself online, some great parent to parent chats and support and some tips on reclaiming your life as a single parent. Doesn’t hurt to have a look.

OnlyMums is another impressive tool, they even provide a Family Law Panel – a free service, that for those of us who need, that can save you angst.

The message I got, and would love to pass on, is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THE HARD YARDS ALL BY YOURSELF – there’s so much advice, guidance, help and support – ONLINE – for us all to utilise – let’s just remember to use it!

Remember – Don’t be alone – you don’t have to be alone – there’s lots of people out there like you. Believe it or not there’s more than 50 different groups running across England. Come out get out there – meet new people.

If you’re like me, at first tentative, wary, overly shy? Well like me, you need to get over it.

Sorry to get on my soapbox but I stayed in my comfort zone far too long, to my (and Alphie’s) detriment, so learn from my mistake please. I truly do hate the thought of anyone else treading the same path as I did and MISSING OUT.

Another group you may find useful is – “” Its very useful indeed, providing a range of services and including a range of breaks for single parents in the UK as well as a better than average supportive and useful online forum.