Turning to more serious events

Why oh Why do people do what they do to each other?

What has made my mind to travel along this track again is reading that another arrest has been made in regard to the death of young, very young Jamie Johnstone from Cranhill – barely starting his life at just 21.

That makes two arrested in relation to this utterly senseless crime; one 22 and the other 25 – all so young!

Unfortunately, that is only the beginning with two young boys being targeted in a ‘hit-and-run’ in Rutherglen – one in hospital and only 14! How could a 14 year old be guilty of any offence that causes someone to try to kill him – search me.

The police are definitely treating it as an attempted murder – how and why?

I have found since putting some considerable amount of work into formulating my goals recently, that my mind is turning to the world around me more, ie what other people around me seem to be aiming for.

The US shares with Scotland! Bad weather – its bad weather that is!

Well sort of as the storm that saw the eastern US suffer near record snowfalls saw that same storm carry over to Scotland with very heavy rain and extremely high winds.

Enough with the negative and over to something interesting and thoughtful that an old friend just shared with me.

Told me that late last year she was approached by a BBC interviewer who had a very interesting question for her – it was;

“If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be”?

Apparently she heard later from someone at the BBC that the answers were very far reaching, from light to very insightful ones, as we can all imagine.

Thinking about this question, there were far too many things that came to my mind, that I would love to revisit, love to do differently. It is very difficult to pinpoint only one but I think it would be to listen to the advice of my mother, when she gave some particular pointers at a very early age. I wish I had realised then that she was so very wise!

I think I will get into a happier mood – go walking and enjoying nature! Maybe cook something special for Alphie and I tonight.