The best & worst of fast food meals for Alphie & I

Most people would quickly say that when you are trying to come up with some healthy but quick meals for you and your children – in my case for Alphie and I – that Fast Food choices are just not it! And yes, there are many nutritional pitfalls on fast food menus.

Yet, good news has come to the fore over the past few years, as some of the fast food chains have at long last started to provide healthier choices – just not come up with a slightly altered burger and fries choice either! Unfortunately, the UK is lagging behind the USA as far as the healthier eating options are concerned!

So what choices do you have – well there is water, juice, fruits, leaner cuts of meat – yet they still have a long way to go.

As a single Mum who sometimes is just so tired at the end of a working day, that she cannot usually find the energy to cook, its irresistible to go to one of the fast food chains. The irresistible plus as far as Alphie is concerned is that he loves them!

The worrying thing for parents though in the UK is that most of the more popular restaurant chains still fail to serve either fresh food or healthy choices – quite different than in the USA!

This will really shock you I am sure – it certainly shocked me.

Recently parents were asked to survey some of the UK’s popular restaurants to see how healthy the kids menus were.

The survey research showed that there continued to be widespread poor practice with regards to kids meals – with some even serving potatoes ‘pre-mashed’ in Holland and fish fingers ‘pre-cooked’ in Poland! Its true. Sounds ridiculous but its true!

It is also claimed that a number of the menus actually made “healthy eating for children almost impossible” – reprehensible isn’t it?

Parents in the UK voted Jamie’s Italian as having the healthiest children’s meal options, this same restaurant was the only chain (believe it or not) that could actually tell parents where its meat originated!

DON’T WORRY parents, if you just cannot afford to eat with your children in the more expensive restaurants, eating there certainly does not necessarily mean they will be eating any healthier!