Texting – Fight Them or Join Them

My last post concerned texting and how it annoys me because so many people, of my acquaintance, text me rather than actually speak to me these days. I actually look forward to the sound of other people’s voices at times!

But the truth of the matter is that texting is just about the most common form of communication these days, so its more of a question to ask yourself “Should I join them rather than fight them?” I have decided to join them (well most of them anyway).

But I truly don’t want to be as annoying as some of the texters I know (and love). The fact is that texting can, apart from being convenient, be just about the best way there is to really annoy and irritate people. So I have come up with/found out a few tips to make this ever increasing habit bearable.

  • Be patient if you don’t get a reply to your text immediately – wait a while before following up. (This one isn’t easy for me as I am not the most patient of people)
  • Always respond when you possibly can but at the same time keep the other person’s possible agenda/commitments in mind.
  • It makes sense that if you take longer than about 25 seconds to text something that you would be better off ringing – yet don’t ring your texter back unless you find out first if its convenient
  • VIP: quadruple check who you are actually sending your text to!
  • GOOD MANNERS – running late for an appointment, text the person and let them know.

Been trying to figure out the best way to respond to a few friends who keep breaking into conversations with me by texting.

You are asking them something or vice versa, they are asking you something, you are responding and with little, or usually, no warning they have their heads down texting – what do you do without strangling them?

The best suggestion I have come up with is to just talk to the person/s about it – face to face though.

The second best suggestion I have received, is not to say anything just get up and walk away.

Don’t repeat yourself either (if they say “sorry, what did you say” if they missed what you said because they were busy texting).

I can only hope that my friends and some colleagues get the message sooner rather than later!