Sounds dramatic – But these are the first days…

Of the rest of my life! Healthier, More Energetic, Happier Days and plenty of them! So many more to put so much more into both (Alphie’s and Mine) our lives!

I have made a serious start! Looked at both my (i) End Goals and (ii) my Mini Goals and are still working on them but I need to put something out there to help myself and others – and very importantly – make sure I am accountable.

Don’t know about you, but when you become serious about achieving something, its amazing the bits and pieces, the challenges that crop up to divert our attention! Not really creative avoidance but more from the negative side of your personality, the side that usually says, “What are you doing, you’ve never succeeded or done this before, what makes you think you will this time?”

You could put wads of cotton wool in your ears but that will not help because these are the internal voices – drat!

Firstly, though, before restating my End Goals and nominating the Mini-Goals I have actually worked out so far, I really thought hard about what part luck and genetics will play in my success. Both will no doubt play a part – BUT advances in health education, disease preventions, programs and treatments have (and will continue to) assist us, if we are prepared to listen.

Did you know for instance that over the past 20 years alone, the number of centenarians has increased by a whopping 263% – that’s right nearly 300%! Amazing isn’t it?

Something that is not such good news is the fact that obesity has actually overtaken smoking as the top cause of premature death and illness.

And did you realise that cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and diabetes accounts for nearly 2/3 of all deaths? That is right two-thirds.

I don’t know about you, but that’s more than enough cause for me to stop, and consider what I have been doing with my life, especially my health (and that of my child).

For me to start being really serious about the setting, implementation and follow-through of my health, exercise and lifestyle goals (each and every day). VERY SERIOUS!!!

To actually set and do them – day in day out!

So, here we go – My 3 Very Important End Goals & the relevant, more detailed, Mini-Goals!


Investigate Online Fitness Programs – well I have spent a number of hours looking, reading, studying and thinking.

Below are some of the more important points and factors I considered while doing this part of the exercise. I believe they will help anyone else trying to choose what is the right course for them to follow:

  1. Some offer comprehensive sites that have a number of levels of information plus support (very important) to help you get fit and lose weight. You, like me, have to keep looking and reviewing – have a definite idea of what you want and need.
  2. For instance, do you need nutrition guides and recipes to help you keep on the right path?
  3. Are you looking for an Online Fitness Program that just focusses on exercise, or also includes nutrition, recipes, stress relief or even meditation guidelines?
  4. How high a level of motivational support do you need, would you like?
  5. Are you the type of person who likes to have copies of printable workout plans and/or videos to guide them, to keep them on track?
  6. Do you need help with keeping your mindset targeted and focused?

Walking Program – I started mine on the date I originally set (ie Monday, 18 January). As planned I walked 1 Mile at medium pace (I could still talk to my companion while walking).

Home Training Options – thought it wise to not get carried away (as I wouldn’t last) and will follow guidelines established for my body type, suggested by my chosen Online Fitness Program. See below if you are interested in looking into the one I have chosen.

Basic Home Training Equipment – So easy to check some great deals out – simply Google “Home Training Equipment Online/For sale. Found some great deals not that I am looking for too much to start with – just a set of dumbbell weights with a simple stand will do.

Weekly Sunday Review of Mini-Goals – have done my first review. Early yet but I feel on track!


Looked at the points (4) contained in my last post concerning Healthy Eating, Looked at many of my numerous Cook Books – all became very time consuming though and a little overwhelming BUT kept at it.

Listed quite a few interesting, healthy, tasty and cost conscious recipes that I can utilise BUT decided first to utilise the great tasty and nutritious recipes contained within the Online Fitness Program I have just chosen.


While I still am sure I can attain my desired weight loss goal of 32 kilos by February 2018, I am not sure about the 2.5 Kilos by end of February 2016. Why? I am not starting my new program (mentioned just below) until March for specific reasons, which will help me in the medium to longer term!

The Online and Overall Fitness, Nutritional, Exercise and Weight Loss Program I have chosen is: the Michelle Bridges 12WBT – 12 Week Body Transformation Program.

Why did I choose this program? Because far too many Online Fitness Programs have premade programs set in stone – which certainly doesn’t suit me.

I wanted and desperately needed something much more tailored, with support, nutritional goals, recipes and lots of help with my Mindset. This program is amazing for all of these factors.

The proper mindset with regard to anything has always helped me hit my target – the Mindset is important to them in assisting you. Emphasis is placed on your mindset by this program.

I definite feel the 12WBT – ie 12 Week Body Transformation Program – is the one for me Not the cheapest and most certainly not the most expensive. A good personal fit and adaptable for Alphie too I think.