Sometimes I yell at Alphie

I don’t know why but sometimes I explode a little and yell at my beloved Alphie (he is only 5½) so why do I do it?

Just did it again! I know fully well I should not do it, that he doesn’t deserve it; he didn’t do something too terrible, just being a boisterous little boy. Motherhood isn’t always fun is it and doesn’t always lead to rational behaviour.

But then again, we are all human – kids and adults – and we all of us have moments we regret deeply later, we are not always logical, calm and managed – are we?

Just being takes up a lot of time and energy, let alone when you include full-time work, full-time parenting and grabbing some personal time (maybe even dating if you are single).

Part of the trick of coping is not to allow your own needs to go unmet for too long. Easier said than done I know, but ME TIME is crucial.

How do any of us avoid, wherever possible, venting at (mostly) innocent people?

Well, here are a few tips I got from a friend, who was having a bit of a problem, ie taking anger and hurt feelings out on her partner and her kids – and who passed them on to me when I reached out to her:

Avoid bottling up your feelings – bottling up feelings can lead to a number of problems. You have to let your anger out.

Take Breaks – count to 10 (or if really upset and strung out) or even 30 if necessary! Ask for help if you are having any trouble controlling your anger feelings.

Even go to the extreme – and Exercise.

AND that old reliable – Apologise