Fabulous Trips Around Glasgow

Many of us don’t know of (or even see) the attractions of our own home towns enough – I have just been reminded I certainly don’t! There are many great things about Glasgow’s immediate and adjacent areas that I have even seen!

I hadn’t really thought about the fact that Glasgow has an important pioneering shipbuilding history and that it was the centre of shipbuilding during the Industrial Revolution. What it is today is all I have really previously noticed or been aware of!

Of course, it is totally different today, than in its more historical times. It is a much more diverse, very exciting and thriving social and cultural hub. Don’t forget Glasgow was the host of the Commonwealth Games in 2014!

Alphie and I are soon to be off on a few day trips to discover more about our own area – maybe even a few days even? I very much want him to see more of his city and country than I ever did when I was growing up and taking so much for granted!

He is a typical little boy of course and loves ‘adventures’ So I hope he will like a day trip I am planning to the Scottish Highlands and LOCH NESS! You travel in a smallish group so he will get to interact with other people as well.

Believe it or not, I have never been to Loch Ness – terrible isn’t it but true?

We travel through beautiful Glencoe, see the spectacular Highlands and, best of all; Alphie will get to spend time at the most famous of Scottish sites, Loch Ness. After lunch at Fort Augustus on the shores of Loch Ness we can also take an hour-long cruise on the loch itself. Which I will ensure we get to enjoy.

An exciting time for a little boy and his mum of course!

I will make sure that I point out to Alphie that the Scottish Highlands are Europe’s last great wilderness and should be treasured and respected as such.

Presently thinking of also doing a 3-Day Isle of Skye and Highlands Tour as well – just a little uncertain whether it would be a bit much for Alphie at his age (and the rest of our travelling group). He is more mature than his actual age but you need to be realistic and not expect overly much?