Putting It Out There

Further to what I was saying the other day in my Blog, I was determined to not do the wrong thing with my NY Resolutions again this year, to give myself a fair chance of really making them work. In other words I wasn’t going to let myself feel bound to actually start them on New Year’s Day, but its also important to set a definite starting date, for each Resolution!

As well as;

  • not planning on attempting too many Goals at once (say 2 to 3 to start with)
  • breaking each one down into bite size steps (several if I need to),
  • determine how much of that stuff (called Willpower) I will need

So, what is my Starting Date?  And how many Resolutions to I plan to commence with? Well, initially I came up with my first boyfriends birthdate, just for a bit of fun, but on second thought, as that is the 11 February, maybe that’s too much of a delay? Time goes by, other things happen, you know what its like.

So my NY Resolution Starting Date is no later than Monday, 11 January 2016. Also I am starting off with 3 Main Goals, broken down into their individual mini-resolutions. . Meaning on or by 11 January I will be listing my 3 Main Goals on my blog and listing each one’s mini resolutions/goals.

If you put things out there in black and white, it really forces you into doing something – something more concrete than when you keep them in your head. Hopefully putting them out there in the blog will bring on some encouragement and, if needed, some pushing!

So if you haven’t put yours down yet, if you cant be bothered because you feel they just don’t work out join in with me and give my idea a go – you never know if we are determined enough it may work for us all!