People Who Say They Cant Live without their iPhones and Smartphones

In my opinion they are downright crazy – do they realise how foolish they sound?

According to an report recently eleased by the Online Publishing Association, the standout statistic is that nearly 70% of Smartphone users now seriously claim they don’t know whether they could live without their phones!

Yes, they are handy but not be able to live without them – absolutely ridiculous. Not being able to understand how you could possibly live/survive without an electronic/hi-tech devise is something that should not be so quickly articulated. I wonder if people ever listen to themselves when they express these sort ofviews– they really do come across as speaking before thinking!

After all Smartphones don’t cultivate food, supply water or manufacture clothing. They don’t build houses either.

Yep, there is those many pages of apps, your so called personal assistants, and many of us find them helpful and in quite a few cases, great time savers. But we could cope without them.

I am getting heated yes, mainly because I hear so many friends and acquaintances to on and on about how their iPhones and Smartphones have changed their lives, that they really don’t think they could live without them anymore. Made them lazier is more like it, while at the same time robbed those same people of being more individually creative in many cases.

Most of us would be better off, if we were forced to figure out more and do more for ourselves you must agree – not become more and more dependent on so many technological advances. All things technological are not always good – especially if they cause us to become dependent on them to operate.

I do agree when things are just there, for us to use, to benefit from, we then get the opportunity to create other things in our lives with the time saved. But surely we need to balance needs a little more than many of us currently do?

To say “we cannot live without things/items” is silly (eg air conditioning, television sets etc). We may enjoy them, we may learn from them but WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT THEM!

Maybe the secret is to do the exercise of dispensing with certain things for a while, to see how we cope. If nothing else it will help us to remember how unappreciative we can be at times!

Yes, without certain things life would certainly be different BUT IT WOULDN’T BE WORTHLESS!

I fully admit I love the ability to be able to check, and send, emails on my phone. It saves me stress, time and organisational headaches – but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I couldn’t do so.

I was without my phone the other day, and it was only then that I realised how obsessive I was becoming about being in touch, checking emails, updating a whole range of things/apps (when in 99% of cases I didn’t need to).

Frankly, many of us are obsessive (now we can be) about checking our emails. Do we need to be so up to date with news (so much of which is bad these days anyway)?

How many apps and other things do we now have (and think we need) that we simply don’t need – I have been trying things out by going back to my old phone (much cheaper).

One thing I very quickly figured out – I don’t need to be so informed about everything all the time!