My 2016 New Year S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Okay Okay you have seen many people nominate these exact same Goals before – and, many of them subsequently fail!

BUT mark my words I am going to be the person to succeed.

One of the secrets, I am told, is not to make goals too ambitious as you could very well end up being completely intimidated by them. They may sound inspiring and you will feel motivated (for a short time) but those feelings don’t last. It soon becomes all too much, soon enough!

The wise thing to do is to CHUNK them, in other words break down those big goals into small, or even itsy bitsy “bite size” pieces – chewable pieces. That is the way you will get there!

One very important thing to do is to proceed onwards with realistic mini goals – that way we can end up feeling a sense of achievement along the way and thereby achieve a constant wearing down of the big end goal.

For example taking one of my end goals from above – exercise more and return to my past days of fitness and a slim figure!

I am a ‘visual’ person and have found a handy tool that will help me to score with goals is to create a visual map for my goals!

It’s all about working out each goal’s ‘mini-steps’ or small chunks – and to do that you need to work backwards, in other words ask yourself what your ‘end goal’ is and work backwards from that! So in relation to (i) exercising more, (ii) losing weight, and (iii) healthier and tastier eating and cooking, the End Goals are:

  • Exercise to a level that decreases my blood pressure to 110% fit for my age, and where I feel happy to exercise, ie that I look forward to doing so – make sure exercise program is designed, put together and established to commence on 25 January 2016
  • Establish an exciting healthy and tasty eating plan – that doesn’t take ages to prepare and cook – By 29 January 2016
  • Lose 5 stone (or around 32 Kilos) – By February 2018 I know that is a long way ahead, 2018, but it’s a fair amount of weight and I want to do it sensibly, taking my time so I don’t get fed up with the whole idea and go off the rails!

Now while the above End Goals give my main time lines, hopefully I will be able to improve on those dates, but having dates has already made me feel like I am on my way to achieving them.

Now I need to work out (a) my mini-goals for each one, and (b) what I need to achieve to do and/or have for each one.

One big danger for me (and I assume a lot of people) is to stop myself from looking all the time at the End Goal or, the Mountain Top, all the time. It will no doubt seem so far off, such a struggle and likely to become depressing particularly when you are plateauing or struggling.

Let’s agree not to keep looking at the end result we want, concentrate more on the first, second, third, fourth etc etc mini-goals as they come along – one at a time.

Get yourself into the position of being a regular winner rather than a regular loser – don’t me your mini-goals too hard – especially to start with – that’s what I’ve found.



Exercise – Program to commence on 26 January 2016

  • Investigate Online Fitness Training Programs – by 21 January
  • Commence Walking Program on 18 January – start with 1 Mile medium pace. Up length (by ½ Mile) and pace each 2 weeks.
  • Look into possibility of home training options (running, cardio and weights) and get at least one program started by/on 21 January
  • Investigate cost of basic home training equipment (eg barbells)
  • Every Sunday review Exercise Mini-Goals – adapt/add to as necessary

Healthy/Tasty Eating Plan – By 29 January 2016

  • Each day commencing Saturday, 16 January, take 2 to 3 cookbooks from my kitchen bookshelves and check for any healthy eating recipes (need to ensure that the ingredients ‘don’t break the bank though PLUS they must be child friendly as well)
  • Investigate any Online Nutritional and Cooking Offerings (especially any linked to any Online Fitness Training Programs that I may utilise)
  • Compile Menu Plan (meals and snacks) covering trial period of 2 weeks – put together by Monday, 1 February 2016.
  • Decide on 1 Day per Week treat meals (fast foods, fatty snacks) – TO DO OR NOT TO DO. I will be deciding this with Alphie NOT for Alphie! That way he will feel involved and may become more interested in helping me make things work for us.

Lose 5 Stone (32 Kilos) – By February 2018

  • Minimum of 2.5 Kilos by end of February 2016
  • Loss of further 1.5 Kilos in March 2016
  • Loss of further 1 Kilo in April 2016
  • Review weight loss targets and reset/increase accordingly

Now the above may seem not much action contemplated by some and too much by others. We will just have to wait and see what happens. After all I work full-time and have a young child to take care of.

BUT I want to make Alphie a reason to achieve all of the above NOT a reason not too!