Making Time For Me

Still trying (not always very successfully) to make regular, and I mean regular, time just for me outside of my relationship with my wonderful young son Alphie! In fact I am doing rather miserably at it – it certainly is not easy to carve time out for me.

Friends, acquaintances and colleagues are quick enough to advise me that it is important for me to take time out – just for me. But hardly anyone yet has come up with some really good ways in which to do it!

SO I have turned to an old and trusted friend for guidance, for help – the Internet!

It took a bit of figuring, deep thinking etc to realise that no one is very successful at the ability to take time out for themselves, unless they have a reason for doing so.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Doesn’t everybody know why they want time for themselves? Not really – many of us are rather vague, we are not detailed enough.

SO, as my friend advises, I took time to figure out exactly why I wanted more free time – just for myself. Not for Alphie and I — JUST FOR ME!

When you stop and think about it for a moment, none of us can hope to win a game if we are not sure exactly which game we are playing, can we?

And aren’t we all, much more motivated and turned on if we have a definite aim?

BUT there is a lot to be said for a “Wish List” too. Those things, those activities we would like to do more or – or more to the point – do at all!

So I have started to put one together and to prioritise those things on it.

One great tip, which I really am beginning to find invaluable, is to note down;

Exactly how I really truly spend my time currently

When I did it looked quite messy, quite aimless in some ways. And nearly completely slanted to anyone but me! It was somewhat shocking to see (in black and white) how little time I spent doing things I enjoyed, let alone loved.

Obviously I need to concentrate much more on spending time on the right things rather than simply letting things flow of their own accord!