Make a date with yourself

This is probably going to sound a bit unusual (to say the least) to you but I’ve really come to treasure the value, of one particular idea, that someone shared with me. So, what is that idea?

Simply put – its taking the time out of our busy lives to make dates with ourselves! To TAKE TIME OUT FOR OUTSELVES – renew our connections with our own interests, our own thoughts and to listen to our own inner voices! Weve all had that inner thought/voice at times that gives us a nudge, some directions or at the very least a clue or two?

And how many times have you responded to that by saying to yourself “I don’t have time for this now, I’ll think about it later? And you don’t return to it later (99.9% of the time) do you?

Let’s face it we cant be genuine and true to others, unless and until, we are that way to ourselves first!

By taking time out of our busy days, taking time apart from our children, we can actually be benefiting our children in the medium to longer terms. HOW? Because we’re happier, more energised beings to be with and more capable of guiding them.

Don’t the majority of us race around, from one thing to another – we jump up of a morning, shower, get breakfast, prepare lunches probably and then race our kids off to school, before racing to work ourselves ?

You will probably think to yourself, exactly what I thought “I cant afford to take time out, even an hour or two, let alone take maybe a whole day. I’ll do it later when I have more time” (famous last words those are). Well, I’ll tell you now unless you CONSCIOUSLY STOP ASAP, you will probably never do it!

Not a great Oprah Winfrey fan, find her a bit over the top, but there is a saying of hers that is invaluable and we all should take note of – and that is;

“Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own”.

This quote really says it for me. So what did I do when I realised the importance of taking time out JUST FOR ME – in other words “making a date with, and for, myself”.

I am definitely a spiritual as opposed to a religious person, I refer to the Universe rather than using the word Heaven/s.

And I am sure that the Universe sends us messages, gives us the directions we need to live a more meaningful life and help others to do the same. BUT, and it’s a big but, we need to be open to listening, paying attention – TO GET THE ANSWERS.

To really get to know yourself, in my opinion, its crucial that you spend quality alone time in order to sharpen your instincts and set your own compass. How can any of us get to know ourselves properly if most of our thoughts are being drowned out most of the time by all the noise around us.