Leaving My Comfort Zones

Still trying to build confidence blogging (and getting to feel comfortable with the Internet generally) so I’ll go with talking about what I feel most comfortable with at the moment (although sometimes a little embarrassed to do so) and that is MYSELF.

Most of us like talking about our own interests, family, goals, aims etc if we are completely honest. Even if we are not entirely at ease with doing so at times – because at least we know about ourselves, don’t we?

Moving out of my comfort zone is becoming increasingly important to me especially so since Alphie has come along. Why? Well (and here comes the ‘teacher’ in me) because when we are there we are in control, we don’t have much anxiety or stress and our performance levels are stable but rarely challenged. So, to move away from not feeling anxious to feeling anxious is certainly not an easy thing to do BUT it can give us big rewards.

Moving out of the C Zone (as I’ve decided to call it) can enhance our performance – but I believe it’s better if we adopt a careful ‘step by step’ process. In other words not too much too soon – especially if its something we haven’t made a habit of doing.

I genuinely believe its very important for all of us to stretch ourselves psychologically (as well as physically) on a regular basis because if we don’t we are severely limiting our future potential- if we don’t break out of our comfort zones we are mostly likely severely limiting our potential as a person. Even more crucial when kids come along and you are responsible for guiding and developing their lives.