It’s like turning to an old friend

I have been tossing up whether to do further studies (to upgrade my teaching qualifications) or not. Strangely enough (it is to many anyway) I enjoy studying and very much enjoy extending my knowledge especially when it is related to the field I enjoy as much as teaching.

But how do I go about assessing whether any additional stress coping is worth it?

What anyone in my position needs to consider is whether you are going to go on working as well (that is if you are lucky enough to have access to great work as I do), taking care of your child, while getting into study again.

We are very fortunate in this country to have access to a number of support and advice networks to turn to for advice when we are tossing up whether or not we will take on the added work, and stress, of taking on new study. Support networks, such as Gingerbread come to mind.

Gingerbread supply financial advice, how higher education study affects any benefits you may be getting and even gives you suggestions for further reading on the subject! An example would be the financial help you are entitled to if you wish to update, or go for, one of the Bachelor of Education course.

My advice would be to hop online, check out Gingerbread and decide where to go from there.

Now where does the ability to turn to an old friend come into things? Well, in my case it is all about an old friend that has the ability to allow me to download and lessen the stress levels that bug us all at times.

The name of my old friend, well it is the ability to come home, and relax later in the night with several games on – yes online bingo.

Sometimes I don’t even play bingo, but turn to one of the many other games on their site, such as Slots, Casino games, Mobile games etc. There are plenty to choose from. I sometimes enjoy a quick game (takes next to no time) or two of ‘Scratch ‘N’ Win’ or Lucky Fish.

As for the variety of Slots games, well you will be spoilt at the site.

I am not encouraging anyone to gamble recklessly, to have fun, and win a few £’s (sorry that little bit of advice is the teacher in me coming out!).