Is It Creative Avoidance Or Natural

Must be honest, I’ve been postponing this post. Not for any particular reason apart from sheer laziness that is. One excuse after another including a number revolving around Alphie, others all about me, some about my mum – just got no time I keep saying to myself. I think some people refer to this condition as ‘creative avoidance’! Cant quite figure it, not as if I’m still nervous about blogging- becoming more and more comfortable about it BUT (and its a big but) I am a little concerned about what some non-blogging friends will think –  those who think blogging is rather childish.

You’d think by now that I was at an age when I didn’t care very much, if at all, about what others think? But it still matters a little so I made myself sit down at my (should say ‘ours’ I suppose) computer and continue to work at getting myself well and truly out of my comfort zone. Does anyone else ever feel this way when attempting something new and alien to them. I do feel rather alone at times and would love to ‘talk’ to someone about it – preferably by blogging with them. As I find its easier lately to talk about something when you are not face-to-face with someone – especially when its about something that embarrasses me a little.

Silly I now but that’s how I feel.