How About Talking Instead of Just Texting?

So so sick of people always (well nearly always) texting me instead of talking to me. Surely most people remember how to dial a phone. Or even pop around to our homes and see us. That means you can actually talk about something in person!

I was rather shocked when I put a certain question to a friend the other day – it was “why don’t you visit or ring me much anymore but constantly text me (at least once or twice per day)”?

The reply was the shocker – “Oh its so much easier to text, everyone does it, and it saves me time too”! It was as if I was so old-fashioned – who talks to people much anymore? No one it would seem.

I discovered by delving into things a little that we all (not me though) now text one another more than we actually speak to one another whether that speaking involves ringing someone or speaking to them face-to-face.

When speaking about texting I am not even adding on the various forms of instant messaging, tweeting, Facebook posts and so on and so on, etc etc

What I find equally (or to be honest MORE) irritating is the point that when you do actually get to talk to someone, they usually carry on their side of the conversation in shorthand, as if they are texting! A lot of younger women for instance are acknowledged now as using ‘textspeak’ much more than normal conversational language.

Texting parse has reduced a lot of people’s conversational skills to not far above zero (a slight exaggeration but not too far from the truth).

Unhappily the art of conversation is not too far from joining the species of the extinct.

Why do I personally feel so strongly about this – not only am I a teacher I am a traditional teacher – speak – write – and learn!

Interacting with someone is not texting them. It is speaking to them, seeing how the other person responds – they might even laugh or cry – you can’t do that via text (apart from sending smiley faces and that just is not the same).

And as for those people who cannot actually text, because they still don’t own a mobile, well they are prehistoric!