Having the Right Thoughts!

I used to be one of those people who enjoyed going out, meeting new people and partying, partying and even more partying – then I THOUGHT to myself where is all this getting me?

I just couldn’t find the right (and best) way for me. Then I found myself with a group of friends that seemed to be into a much more meaningful lifestyle. Not that they were all into discussing heavy subjects such as politics and/or religion or the value of positive thinking all the time – no not at all – it was just that they valued other people’s rights to an opinion, as much as they valued their own. And also seemed to have a talent for sharing things and thoughts at the right time and place.

I worked out that they appeared to have a good way of feeling and thinking about things. Displaying patience – ie they didn’t have to blurt things out as soon as they seemingly thought about them. Now, I don’t wish to get too heavy and serious but simply to share how good thoughts have really helped me, and because of that helped Alphie as well

Its so important to be happy, to have fun and do silly things at time too.