Eating out well – on the cheap

Its relatively easy to find lots and lots of budget bars, restaurants and cafes in Glasgow, and you can do it in a variety of ways – one of the simplest being by googling the subject, as well as, word of mouth or simply exploring and checking out what looks good (the food and the number of people that are gathered there).

To name a few  of the better budget places in Glasgow – you could try, (1) the Riverhill Coffee Bar (near Central Station), (2) the McCune Smith Café, (3) the great Babu Bombay Street Kitchen (has fab daily curries amongst other specialties), (4) The Glade Café, (5) the fun Bread Meats Bread, amongst a diverse selection.

We all know of some dreadful burger/sandwich joints but Bread Meats Bread is not amongst that collection. For instance the patty used there is a mix of different cuts from our own Scottish cattle. It’s filled loosely (not dry and crammed), seasoned particularly well (where most burgers I’ve had lately are dry and tasteless with very little flavour) and very juicy. There are pickles and sauces as well. You obviously couldn’t do better. It’s a place that buzzes.

Another place you should include in your mix is The Hyndland Fox which even in the evening serves some fabulous big big salads, true gourmet sandwiches and a few mains – don’t miss it, particularly as its quite a lot less expensive than you might suppose it to be.

And there are even specials – for instance the takeaway menu has some nice surprises.

It’s not just about price though is it? What’s the point of getting a cheap meal that is tasteless or even inedible – none whatsoever. But we are lucky in Glasgow as we have a plentiful supply and varied selection of better than standard cheap eateries.

A friend has recently sprouted big time about an Indian Restaurant, called the Banana Leaf and one I just came across myself, its alternative, it’s the Monkey Sleeps (weird name), they even set their lunch options to their choice of Album of the Month – fun, different, worth a try. I enjoyed it.

The prices of these (and the many more) bargain eateries means you can regularly try out a variety of food without wincing when the bill comes. You can lash out without having to worry and go into a deep depression.

Try some and when you discover a particularly good one don’t forget to pass the word on.