Conquering things I’m not good at

Cooking for one thing – but I am determined to become much better – much much better. To branch out. After all your kids might like chicken nuggets but its not the thing to serve them for a dinner party!

After expressing how concerned I was about asking a good friend and her partner to dinner – as they were both good cooks (he’s actually a chef) and I’m  certainly not (good that is). She told me a simple home truth – “Don’t worry Sarah, serve anything really – its such a relief to not have to cook at times, anything will be okay. People don’t realise how great it is to put your feet under someone else’s table for a change” and I believe she meant it. She actually added “Even beans on toast would be great” and I believe she meant it.

I didn’t give them beans but turned to a few recipe books someone had given me as a gift. Chose something simple but that looked nice (in the book anyway) – it was a pasta dish – real easy. I added some onion relish (which turned out to be a great taste treat).

I’ve also discovered Dukkah – great to use instead of breadcrumbs on chicken.

Sorry I’m raving on but I’m starting to get really excited about trying and starting new things – pushing the envelope a little. Well it certainly is pushing the envelope where cooking is concerned.