BINGO! Play it regularly these days! Some of my old friends are really going to find that hard to believe.

I used to stick my nose up at bingo players (especially those who play online) BUT NOT NOW because I’VE JOINED THEM AND AS A WINNER!

Having great fun while blowing off some steam and relaxing. At the same time making some money (which is even better).

Yes there are literally dozens and dozens of bingo and bingo associated games online – so many to choose from it can be very confusing.

As a single mum the most precious commodity (apart from our kids) is TIME! The fact that Bingo and associated games are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, is crucial (well it is to me anyway).

All working Mums (and Dads) are time poor so we need to spend our time wisely (be mean with it in other words) but also, we need to relax, blow off steam, release those stress valves, let our hair down. Sometimes all it takes is a chat, preferably with a stranger (I find).

Sometimes it’s after midnight when I get a chance to distress, have some ME time. So, that’s when I sit down to play a quick bingo, or other, game or two. Touch base with some new online bingo friends.

Wouldn’t say I am addicted to the actual games but I am to that quickly relaxing stress free feeling I get after a game or two.

I could never see myself at a bingo hall – far too smoke clogged for me (supposed to be smoke free now, but I can quietly tell you that all aren’t). Far too much noise as well. Besides I don’t feel like changing and/or getting dressed up again. Much prefer to put my feet up and that is exactly what I do when I play bingo online.

Besides what would I do with Alphie? I was somewhat amazed at the welcoming and helpfulness of the players on several sites when they came to know I was a total newbie at playing and a single Mum needing to relax.

I love the chat rooms – and it didn’t take me long to start to recognize the user names of the regulars. Not that all games are chatty – if you are not in the mood to chat, you don’t have to. You can just sit at your computer and play. Do whatever your mood strikes you.

And it gets more interesting with the use of the “Private Chat” button which you can use to send a private and/or personal message to another individual player.

Look – all is not perfect – you may get disconnected from the odd game in the midst of your play, but there are many many more advantages than disadvantages. And once you start playing, whether it’s on a regular or semi-regular basis you will find your favourite sites, those you fell are ‘really you’ – ones you get more from in every way than others. So, don’t just try one or two.

I have several favourite sites, sometimes I play at one and other times I either try a new site or switch to another of my favourites. One of the best new bingo sites I play at is Great promotions, including Free Bingo Tournaments where you really do play for Free and win for real.

There’s Jackpot Specials with great daily, weekly and monthly wins. There are cash backs, money multipliers, and a bingo lover’s paradise.

Bingo Lovers Paradise – all you need to do to win at least £1 is to log in. You also have the chance of winning another £30 for free

So so easy to find out which Bingo games are playing and when (and to check what prizes are coming up) too.

Anyway, must stop raving but you know what new converts are like about anything don’t you. But, finally, just to rub it in I won £250 the other day simply playing in the Jackpot Lounge and Multiplier.

Have fun – got nothing to lose. Don’t be like me and spend too long being a stick in the mud.