Beating Those Excuses that Sabotage us

Quite often excuses (for want of a better description) that hinder, or even stop, you doing something are little, tiny, minor things – and they don’t really matter? But they still stop us. And if we stop doing things often enough times we can end up crash landing!

Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways, we stop doing something, or saying something. But minor habits can all too easily turn into major habits, which can spell trouble with a capital “T”!

If this has been happening to you lately or you think it has (it has a tendency to creep up on us believe me) what do you do? Stop doing it.

While putting off achieving goals, reaching aims doesn’t always lead to major catastrophes, even minor problems, if ‘putting off’ becomes too much of a habit for you watch out.

If the words “It can wait until later” or “I will do it for sure next week” is your Mantra its well and truly time to shit focus – to stop self-sabotaging.

For example to achieve a certain aim I needed to do something, but I was tired, my feet were sore and I wanted to just sit down and de-stress. Luckily all of a sudden I stopped, thought, and realised that I had been saying that, about this particular task for too long.

I asked myself the direct question “Is this my way of creatively avoiding attending to this situation”? It was!

This sort of self-sabotaging attitude not only helps defeat us, very detrimentally affecting our success (sooner or later) it can also do damage our health as well.

The first step for any of us to stop sabotaging ourselves is to take a serious look at our thoughts, phrases, statements and actions.

For instance, do any of the following phrases ring a bell?

  • “I’m too stressed out! I simply don’t have the time to ……..”
  • “It’s too hard for me – its not for me – I just can’t do that…”
  • “I have had a bad day so I need the reward of ….”
  • “I just can’t work up the motivation today – I will do it tomorrow”

Or something very similar? Frankly tomorrow rarely if ever comes! Think about that.