Babysitting Clubs

We need one!

What are they? Simply put – a friendly group of people wanting to ‘trade’ turns watching over each other’s children! That’s all – nothing complicated.

Why do most people join one (or at least want to)? Simple again – to save money.

People are ‘trading’ for the service of babysitting instead of paying for it.

There are several big big pluses getting involved in this sort of arrangement:

  • When you are doing the sitting, its less of a stretch usually because you are already at home watching your own kids, and
  • As the kids get older the sitting is more like a play date – kids are busy playing, all together, which means you will probably getting a little time to yourself, plus
  • You know the sitters involved are experienced parents, AND
  • Maybe over time parents become friends too.

Really a WIN-WIN situation.

If there is nothing like this in your area, do what a friend of mine did, start your own. She was new to the area, didn’t know many people so she put some simple flyers together, asking anyone interested in participating to contact her.

To start with only two did – but when the word got around you have no idea how that group grew and grew.

But be fair, start out how you intend to go along, put together some sort of point system, for example, babysitters get paid so many points for both time and number of children involved. Build up a Bank (points) Account of sorts. It needn’t (and shouldn’t) be too involved but it must be fair.

I’ve just joined one and need to build up my balance but I can feel the benefits coming my way.