Am I near burnout? Feel worn out most of the time lately!

In the past like many working Mums there has been some days when I have felt tired, others days very tired and even some when I feel totally exhausted!

But I am beginning to wonder whether I may be approaching the ‘burnout’ stage?

I do have, as a supply teacher, a pretty demanding job but lately I find I am finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate and quite often feel near to exhaustion. Why I have been wondering?

Yes, I have been ignoring certain symptoms, saying to myself that I will get past this stage of tiredness, that it’s just a week or two of extra hard work that has made me feel this way. I have actually experienced an actual burnout stage years ago when attending teaching college so I should know all about the symptoms, shouldn’t I? I learnt quite a lot about burnout then but obviously, there is still more for me to learn – or unlearn!

One thing I do remember is that though burnout can be very serious it is not insurmountable. I just need to remind myself of the symptoms and what I need to concentrate on to change the situation – in order words TAKE ACTION!

And what does action concerning burnout involve? Well, when you notice the symptoms, you mark down the causes and then TAKE ACTION. But not just take action I recall – you need to take targetted action – for both the short and long term.

What I didn’t really do last time was to properly, and thoroughly investigate the issues I uncovered — I only half did that job last time!

Burnout as such is not the same as extreme exhaustion – nowhere near the same – and it’s not easy at times to treat it. Don’t think for instance, that a simple vacation will not do the trick because it wont!

So what does actual burnout look and feel like?

Can’t go into it now as Alphie is waiting for his treat – more later – it is a very important subject so I do want to write more on it especially as I have been there, done that!