I have no real idea on what I’m doing with this so I’ll just get the basics down for now. I’m Sarah, I’m thirty five, and I’m a supply teacher from Glasgow. I’m a single mother to one wonderful little boy called Alphie who’s soon turning five. He’s my entire world and I adore every second I spend with him.

I made this page as a sort of challenge to myself. Supply teaching is a challenge, as you have to quickly learn the lay of the land and establish yourself as ‘in charge’ of the class. If you don’t they will run over you like a steamroller and the lesson will not be taught. Though I’ve gotten quite good at taking control in the last ten years, so I want to stretch myself, do something out of my comfort zone which forces me to think more than usual. I thought a blog was a good way to do this, as I am learning a new skill, with any luck I will learn enough to take over some ICT classes and actually know what I’m talking about! Right now if I ever cover a lesson involving computers I have the children teaching me more than I teach them.

I want to improve upon this, before my son gets to the ‘computer age’ and ends up trumping me with his skills. He can already work my phone better than me and he’s still at an age where receiving dinosaur shaped nuggets for dinner is the most incredible thing to ever happen to him!

Currently there is no plan as to what I’m going to do on this website. But I guess it’ll sort itself out as I learn more about the internet and blogging.