Quite often excuses (for want of a better description) that hinder, or even stop, you doing something are little, tiny, minor things – and they don’t really matter? But they still stop us. And if we stop doing things often enough times we can end up crash landing! Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big […]

In my opinion they are downright crazy – do they realise how foolish they sound? According to an report recently eleased by the Online Publishing Association, the standout statistic is that nearly 70% of Smartphone users now seriously claim they don’t know whether they could live without their phones! Yes, they are handy but not […]

Still trying (not always very successfully) to make regular, and I mean regular, time just for me outside of my relationship with my wonderful young son Alphie! In fact I am doing rather miserably at it – it certainly is not easy to carve time out for me. Friends, acquaintances and colleagues are quick enough […]

Lately I seem to be feeling well, restless, I suppose is the best way to define my feelings toward life in general at the moment and probably teaching in particular – but even there I am not too sure! I am not getting the same sort of satisfaction from my teaching jobs but then I […]


Teachers are amongst the most important people in the world in my opinion. When they are GOOD they are amongst that rare group that can really ‘grow’ people in a very positive sense. When they are BAD they are important, in a very different way, because of the damage that they can do! Because a […]


My last post concerned texting and how it annoys me because so many people, of my acquaintance, text me rather than actually speak to me these days. I actually look forward to the sound of other people’s voices at times! But the truth of the matter is that texting is just about the most common […]

So so sick of people always (well nearly always) texting me instead of talking to me. Surely most people remember how to dial a phone. Or even pop around to our homes and see us. That means you can actually talk about something in person! I was rather shocked when I put a certain question […]

Many of us don’t know of (or even see) the attractions of our own home towns enough – I have just been reminded I certainly don’t! There are many great things about Glasgow’s immediate and adjacent areas that I have even seen! I hadn’t really thought about the fact that Glasgow has an important pioneering […]


Not to confuse my feelings totally with the thoughts expressed by Harriet Lerner in her book, “The Dance of Anger”, but its oh so important to me, and others, when we realise that someone out there really does think that the negative connotations relating to ‘Anger’ as an emotion, in the main, are false! This […]


After my last post concerning the fact that I sometimes yell at my beautiful Alphie, I have been doing some serious thinking about it. I recently came across some very thoughtful and amusing quotes about children and parenting while I was researching the subject for my own benefit. See if you guess who wrote them […]